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Frequently Asked Questions | Your Wedding Investment

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To help select 3 Chicks That Click as the best wedding photographer for you, we have provided the following common questions and answers. If you have a question you don't see here, give us a call.

What criteria should I use in selecting a photographer for my wedding?

You should meet with the photographer(s) that will actually be shooting your wedding to be sure that you're comfortable with them and can discuss the types of photos that are important to you. Many photography services are large-scale organizations that sell multiple services - photography, videography, DJs, etc. They subcontract out the photography component. The salesperson you speak with is likely not the person who will be at your wedding. You may never meet that person beforehand.

There is so much going on that day that you'll want to avoid the stress of having someone you don't know interacting with you and your guests. You'll want to develop a comfortable relationship prior to the wedding day.
3 Chicks That Click will be responsible for photographing your wedding, and we want you to be very comfortable with us and love our style. We'll be with you on the most important day of your life.

What questions should I ask my photographer during the initial discussion?

* Are you full time, professional photographers?

Yes we are. Unlike weekend hobbyists who shoot weddings for extra cash, photography is what we do for a living. We don't shoot soccer games, pets, or babies, although we can recommend great photographers who do!

* Do you have any professional affiliations?

Yes, we are members of the Professional Photographers of America, and we are a Board member of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce.

* Will you actually be the one photographing my wedding?

We are the ones who will be photographing your wedding. If your wedding is on a day that one or two of the Chicks is unavailable, we have a third Chick and several colleagues that we work with. We don't subcontract to strangers. We are happy to meet with you before your wedding.

* What goes into the price you quote me for my wedding?

At first, it seems that photographers are like any other wedding vendor - they're at the wedding for a few hours and then they go home. Most vendors do exactly that. But photographers are different. We're with the bride usually from the time she starts to get ready, which is hours before any other vendor shows up. At the end of the wedding, the DJ packs up and goes home, the florist is long gone, and the caterers, bartenders and waitstaff are finished.

The photographers, having spent at about 10 hours at work already, then go home to do all the post production work - downloading and viewing hundreds and hundreds of images on the computer, editing for color, light levels, contrast, retouching, and adding any special effects. We archive and upload your images for viewing online, create custom DVDs, design and produce your albums, prints, proof books, thank you cards, and more.

Most full time, professional photographers spend about 35 hours on each wedding! That's a full work week. And 3 Chicks makes sure you get your online images within a week or so, and your albums and prints just a few days after you select them. With all due respect to other wedding vendors, we work harder and longer than any of them.

Our pricing also factors in our many years of experience, skill, talent, and equipment. These are reasons why we charge more than a hobbyist you might find on Craigslist. Do you really want to risk your wedding photographs to a beginner? The satisfaction you'll get in saving a few dollars today will soon be replaced by disappointment for many tomorrows.

* How many photographers will there be?

We provide at least 2 photographers for most weddings, to make sure that you have total coverage.

* What kind of backup equipment do you have in case a camera fails?

We have several sets of high end Nikon digital SLR camera bodies, lenses, lights, battery packs, memory cards, and many other duplicate pieces of equipment. We're well prepared if we need backup items. Ask any super low priced photographer what's in THEIR camera bag!

* Will you cover the bridal party getting ready?

Yes, we're happy to cover that aspect of your wedding. Since we're Chicks, you'll feel very comfortable with us there. If we bring a male colleague to shoot your wedding, he can take photos of your groom and groomsmen getting ready as well.

* Can our family or guests ask you to take specific pictures?

Absolutely, we welcome interaction with your family and guests! We're very approachable.

* Can we stop at a park or other location on the way to the event?

We're happy to stop and take photos wherever you like. We'll ask for that information before we send you a quote.

* Are there different package options available for different budgets?

Yes, we offer several package options in our quotes if you're not sure what your budget is at the time of your inquiry.

What is the style of 3 Chicks That Click photography?

Our style includes traditional, posed portraits as well as candid and photojournalistic photos. This style means we document the story of your wedding, showing you and your guests sharing the exhilaration of your most important day from start to finish.We're well known for our spontaneous, fun, and exciting images. We love what we do and it shows!

Other than your skill, what makes 3 Chicks different from other wedding photographers?

We are friendly, professional, experienced, dedicated, and reliable. Together we have many years of combined experience. Being women, we feel that most brides are more comfortable with us right from the start, because we understand how important this day is to you.

You're not just "the subject" to us! We want you to look fabulous! And as women, we are able to begin your day with coverage of you and your bridal party getting ready if you like. This is a fun, intimate aspect of a wedding that is usually not covered by male photographers.

Do you ever work with male photographers?

Yes, we don't discriminate! If one of the Chicks is not available on your date, we do have a male colleague that can assist us at your wedding. He can provide additional coverage of your groom and groomsmen.

We're on a tight budget. What if we can't afford the photographer we really want?

A wedding budget has many components. The important thing to remember is which component has the most long-term value. Of all the aspects of a wonderful wedding - the food, the band or DJ, the liquor, the venue, the luxurious invitations, even the honeymoon - only the photographs will be the permanent memory of your special day. After the food and liquor are finished, the DJ has packed up, and the guests have gone home, the pictures are what you'll have left to show your parents, friends, children, and grandchildren.

Scaling back on the non-permanent components of your wedding will likely go unnoticed by your guests. Choosing a photographer based on the lowest price can have consequences that will be seen forever! You will never regret choosing the best photographer; you may always regret choosing the cheapest one. We can help you in selecting the package that is most comfortable for your budget.

3 Chicks provides complete wedding package quotes, as well as a la carte pricing. Unlike other photographers, we don't give lowball prices and then sneakily tack on extras like albums, prints, online viewing, etc.

When comparing wedding photographers, be sure to compare exactly what we offer with what others may offer for a lower price. Remember - you'll be looking at your wedding photographs for many years - if you amortize the cost of quality photography over decades, it's priceless!

How many photos will you take?

There is no limit to the number of digital photos that we take. We shoot as many images as it takes to tell the story of your wedding.

Do you provide different types of albums and other products?

Yes, we can work with you to put together any type of album, as well as thank you cards, coffee table books, canvas mount prints, and many other items. Feel free to ask.

Can we get a DVD of our images?

Yes, the DVD of full resolution images is included with most packages, or can be purchased a la carte.

How far will you travel?

We have no distance limit; however, beyond 50 miles of the central NJ area, the client will be responsible for additional mileage and overnight accommodations if necessary. We are happy to travel internationally as well, and have covered weddings from Honduras to Florida to Hoboken!

Please contact us to request information. We look forward to working with you!