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2012 - 3 Chicks That Click is thrilled that Laura and Anthony Macaluso's wedding has been featured in WeddingColors!

2011 - 3 Chicks That Click
was featured in a video produced by Action Media Productions, who did an outstanding job documenting our style, our diversity of wonderful clients, and the joy we have in what we do!

2011 - 3 Chicks That Click
has a bar mitzvah photo in the NY Times online. Regarding the author's comment about hiring a neighborhood teenager to be the photographer to save money, consider the NY Times used a professional photo for this article.

2010 - 3 Chicks That Click wrote an article about planning creative weddings for Bibi Magazine online.

2010 - 3 Chicks That Click wrote an article about having a stylish and elegant wedding while still maintaining your budget for Affluent Magazine online.

Winter '09 - 3 Chicks That Click was featured in an article in Jewish Woman Magazine called Just Don't Give Up, about reinventing your life.

5/27/09 - A bar mitzvah image by 3 Chicks That Click appeared in the NJ Star Ledger today.

5/12/09 - Alyse Liebowitz appeared on Channel 11 WPIX news (NY) in a segment called Career Re-Invention.

4/15/09 - 3 Chicks comments about wedding trends appeared today in Inside Jersey magazine, The Star Ledge
r, and
. Scroll down to "Not your mother's wedding pictures (or video)"

4/13/09 - 3 Chicks' interview about weddings for Univision, a huge Spanish media company in the US, is here at We're in items 1, 10, & 12. And yes, it's in Spanish, but hablamos un poco español!

4/09 - The 3 Chicks That Click store is now open. Enjoy unique 3 Chicks branded merchandise. Check out the Chicks!

2/18/09 - Alyse Liebowitz of 3 Chicks was quoted about starting a business in the Asbury Park Press.

>2/09 - Alyse Liebowitz of 3 Chicks was quoted about destination weddings on Scroll down to Surviving Destination Wedding Photography Sessions.

1/09 - Alyse Liebowitz of 3 Chicks will be appearing as a guest on the Living the Life TV show, broadcast on the ABC Family Channel, on Friday, March 27th, 2009!

1/8/09 - The Denver Post published the 3 Chicks article, Tips for Great Holiday Photos, in their "Save Me" section, which provides tips to its readers on how to save energy, time, space, and money.

1/09 - Technorati picked up the article via Sheeba Wheeler's web site as well. Nice!

12/08 - Sheba Wheeler of the Denver Post, a features reporter and freelance lifestyles photographer, included an article about 3 Chicks in her awesome blog, Picture Your World Photography. Sheba is an extremely talented photographer and her images are gorgeous. Check out her site.

10/08 - 3 Chicks created the web site images for Portland, Oregon's specialty food company, Little Pots And Pans, recently featured on The Food Network.